Tangled Rapunzel Costume


I had wanted to cosplay as Rapunzel from Tangled for a long time, since at the end of the movie, she has short hair, making her the only Disney Princess for whom I would not need a wig! 😀 (Plus she has big green eyes, a ton of creative hobbies, and is a giant klutz… a princess I can relate to!) I used a pattern for this skirt and corseted top, and after the sewing was done, I painted the floral pattern on the corset and the skirt by hand with Jacquard Lumiere paint (the “embroidery” around the edges is Tulip fabric paint, as I don’t have an embroidery machine and did not have the time to hand-embroider the entire skirt.) This amazing picture was taken by my brother Nick, of 38N Photography.