Burgerlands 2

Recently, with TooManyGames con coming up, I started playing Borderlands 2 yet again to get myself hyped for another run of my Gaige cosplay! Deathtrap, unfortunately, did not survive the abundant transportation in a hot car that he received last year, so this year I made Rick a Dr. Zed cosplay!

I made it from two shirts, a tan sheath dress, some old khaki shorts, and some leggings that, despite a large hole in the crotch, I just refused to retire- until I needed them for the trim on this costume, anyway.

After the con, I got the idea for a new fanart mashup: Borderlands 2 and Bob’s Burgers, called Burgerlands 2. I drew Tina Belcher as Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, riding Butt Stallion, because who would appreciate a diamond pony named Butt Stallion like Tina Belcher? I also included Louise Belcher as Mushy Snugglebites. Complete with rocket (badonkadonk). I also did a burger version of the Vault Hunter borderlands 2 logo, using a Bob’s Burgers font.

Burgerlands 2

You can purchase prints and other merchandise featuring this art at my Redbubble page.

Also, if the Burgerlands 2 logo itself tickles your fancy, you can get a few things with that on it right here.

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